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LinkedIn is a social network that is characterized by its professionally oriented audience. This specificity determines the content published in the channel to be on topics related to personal development, business decisions and networking. Given the dynamics in the daily lives of professionals, they spend significantly less time on LinkedIn compared to other channels and is in the range of working hours. Therefore, when planning content for the channel, it is important to anticipate that it be in a short form, with a clear statement and message.

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What experience do we have with LinkedIn content?

Our experience in creating content for LinkedIn includes maintaining pages in the field of financial services, cloud-based services, digitalization of businesses, medical products, employer branding communication and more. The team specializing in creating content for the social network works freely with the formats of the channel, skillfully implementing them to achieve the set goals.

Why LinkedIn content?

LinkedIn is the right place if a brand wants to reach people from a particular company or organization who make decisions about buying a product or service. Through its content in the channel, the brand can move the targeted users forward along the path, such as:


  • gives added value through suggestions for solving a problem;
  • reveals new areas and options for business development that were not obvious;
  • offers valuable market analysis that can lead to profitable business solutions.

Over the years, LinkedIn has worked hard to develop the formats it can offer its users to diversify the user experience. With the inclusion of videos, surveys and pdfs, the social network has enriched the opportunity to activate the audience with more dynamic, longer and more engaging options.

What services does Linkedin content creation involve?

  • Content strategy
  • Posting plan
  • Report and Statements
  • Tracking competing brands
  • Optimization of formats, content types and topics on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis

What are the steps involved in creating content on LinkedIn?

Creating content on LinkedIn follows the goals that the brand wants to achieve at the moment. When starting a campaign communication for a specific product or service from a larger portfolio, the steps we follow are:

Defining basic USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) for the campaign


Develop a key vision and message


Identify appropriate formats according to the user path


Daily monitoring of the content and its presentation


Defining appropriate plans for clear CTAs (Call to Action), linked to the metrics that will be tracked at the end of the campaign, according to the user path

In more extensive communication, we include mandatory synchronization of communication lines, determining which is leading for the brand and its business goals, as well as proactive proposals for content improvements according to the set criteria for success.

What goals can you achieve with LinkedIn content?

LinkedIn content can be used to achieve goals in all phases of the user path – Awareness, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate. With the right use of the adjacent formats, the audience can be highly motivated to learn more about a brand, show more interest and end their journey by performing the ultimate action for the campaign – subscribe to a webinar or newsletter, leave your data to contact his brand representative, fill out a questionnaire, etc.