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Pinterest is the largest platform for inspiration and ideas with over 433 million active users per month. Both the mobile and desktop versions of the platform contribute to the endless search for more and more ideas. With its endless feed, Pinterest offers a variety of content, topics and formats that successfully engage the audience and keep it wanting more and more. The platform also allows content sponsorship, as the ads here are very well integrated with the rest of the content and most users do not differentiate the ad from other content. Starting from January 2023, 84.6 million of Pinterest profiles are situated in the USA. Brazil ranks second in audience size, followed by Mexico, Germany, France, Canada, and Italy. Anyone can create an account and pins, but to advertise your content, you need a business account. When creating a business account, you can also choose from the following countries, which determines the currency you will use for your ads - Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, America, England.

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What experience do we have in advertising on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that is changing very dynamically and this implies constant monitoring. The challenges are many, but the first and foremost is to have a business that can position its ad in one of the countries for which Pinterest advertising is possible. Our work met Metamorphoza – a designer clothing brand that operates internationally. It is this combination of industry and markets that has allowed us to roll up our sleeves and unleash the Pinterest platform. We gathered a team of fans of Pinterest in the agency. They engaged in detailed research and collection of materials, viewed numerous webinars and finally had a meeting with a representative from Pinterest. Now we can run paid advertising campaigns on Pinterest.

To continue the example with our Unitarian campaign in Pinterest – in the planning we used this social media network as a source of traffic to the e shop of our client and as a platform through which to position the brand among the fashion offers. With this we managed to increase significantly the highly interested and self-segmented traffic to the site.

Why Pinterest Advertising?

Because here the attitudes are different – users are in Pinterest to look for inspiration and ideas, as well as to try new things. And the attitude towards people with such attitudes should be different – not aggressive marketing messages, but inspiring words, respect and native incorporation of the product in the environment.

Endless feed

Here people plan to change something in their home, combine an outfit for a special occasion, and to find what they are looking for, they scroll for “just a few more” ideas in the endless feed of the platform and in fact it may turn out that they are looking for you…

Ask Phase

The Pinterest user path has a very clear ask phase. We present in detail this phase of the consumer journey in the article: THE FIVE PHASES OF THE MODERN CONSUMER PATH

Combination of targeting options

Pinterest can target both interests and keywords. You can learn more about Pinterest targeting opportunities and why it’s important to target keywords in our article: Getting Started with Pinterest Advertising – What Do We Need to Know About Targeting?


The analytics features of the platform is very well developed and is constantly updated with new metrics that allow analyzing and optimizing campaigns. You can see how individual boards perform at the impression and engagement level, and compare metrics by period. Audience Insights at the All Pinterest Users level provides information on the most popular categories and interests globally, as well as more information on the platform’s demographics. The data here is dynamic and can be used to guide trends in the Pinterest audience.


The advantage of this platform over other social networks is that the organic distribution of content is very high. This is due to the way the platform is used and the so-called off-board activity – or in other words, that each user can keep someone’s pin on their board and so the original pin reaches more and more people.

* Recently Pinterest shared something new is coming Recommendations BETA – based on historical data, recommendations are given for the presentation of campaigns and how they can be optimized.



Advertising management on Pinterest includes separate services, which are broken down into separate items. Here are the individual items we include:

Advertising strategy

Defining campaign goals, appropriate types of advertising and formats.

Media plan and budgeting

Planning the different types of advertising, their distribution during the campaign period and estimating the expected results.

Management of ads Service

Creating a business account, advertising account, Pinterest Tag, setting different types of audiences according to the goals of the campaigns and other services related to their implementation.

Reports and reports

Interim reports and final report summarizing the overall performance of the campaign. Detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations.
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Basic types of advertising on Pinterest

Consideration (Traffic)

Generate traffic to your asset inside and outside Pinterest

The carousel and the standard Pin are suitable formats for this type of campaign. With the carousel you can show up to 5 different pictures in one ad. Each picture or video can have a separate link, which allows you to show many different products, give more information about one product or develop a story between different visions.


For what purposes should you use Carousel Ads?

  • Show more products
  • Highlight the various benefits of a product
  • Users to actively engage by looking at different pictures
  • Explain a process – for example how the product / service works


Here the goal is for users to visit your site and perform certain goals that you have set (example: Add to cart, sign up, checkout)

A suitable format for this type of campaign may again be a carousel, but the standard Pin is a good option. It is visualized in the feed and in the search results of users like other, unsponsored pins. It can be added to the board, shared and commented on. The difference from regular pins is that sponsors will reach a much larger audience, and a huge plus is that once shared by a user, the text that indicates a “Promoted” ad disappears and you get additional results for free.


For what purposes should you use the Standard Pin?

  • Achieve greater awareness and more users of the site
  • Fast and clear vision to present the brand / product / service
  • Opportunity to show visual creativity and combine with engaging copies

Video Views

With this type of campaign, you optimize video viewing quality and the average time users watch your video.

The formats in which you can implement this type of campaign are standard video width and max video width. Videos are the perfect way to show or tell more about a brand, product or service. With their movement, they grab the attention of users in the otherwise mostly static look of the Pinterest feed.

Both the standard pins and the video pin appear in the feed, in the search results and in the section with other suggestions. The difference is that the still image is replaced by a video, which can be standard or wider. The video starts after at least 50% of it is in the visible part of the user’s screen. For best results, choose video that is understandable even without audio, because most users watch videos without sound.


For what purposes to use Pinterest Video?

  • Achieving brand awareness or a new product
  • People are more inclined to receive information through video content, they are more memorable and users are more inclined to take action after watching video
  • For a platform where people are mostly looking for DIY stuff, videos are a very relevant creative format

Brand Awareness

With this type of campaign, users understand your brand, product, or service. Thanks to this optimization you reach more users.

You can use any of the formats listed above for this type of campaign.

Shopping Ads

With this optimization, you position products from your catalog in the Pinterest feed of users while searching for ideas. This type of advertising is possible when uploading a product catalog and verifying it by Pinterest.

You can use any of the formats listed above for this type of campaign.

Here is a list of countries where such a campaign can be activated – 

The opportunities that Facebook offers for advertising are numerous. What unites them, however, is that they follow the logic of the consumer journey in its various phases of contact with the brand – from acquaintance, through engagement, to the valuable final action. Or as they present them on Facebook – as the main goals for Awareness – Consideration – Conversion. In each of them we can choose from different types of campaigns that have their own specifications and can help us achieve the main goal.