Strategy, campaigns and content on Twitter (X)

The uniqueness of Twitter (X) as a social network is the ability to communicate with the audience through short, witty messages on interesting and currently popular topics. With the help of social networking tools, brands and consumers can reach out to each other and engage in meaningful conversations. If there's one thing we can lose track of time discussing the most popular topics and controversial opinions, it's Twitter (X) - aren't we right?

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Which brands is Twitter (X) presence appropriate for?

Companies that decide to maintain their presence in this social platform must:

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work and impose their unique tone of voice, which naturally communicates the values of the brand;

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be ready to experiment with their content on Twitter (X), including engaging photos, gifs, short videos and links;

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be prepared to engage with relevant comments on popular topics.

What services does creating strategies, campaigns and content on Twitter (X) involve?

  • Trend research
  • Content strategy
  • Posting plan
  • Planning individual campaigns and integrating them into the overall strategy
  • Report and reports
  • Tracking competing brands
  • Optimization of the planned content and activities every month, quarter and year

What are the steps involved in creating strategies, campaigns and content on Twitter (X)?

The steps for creating strategies, campaigns and content for Twitter are determined by the long-term goal that the company has set to achieve through the activities. If the task before us is to create a community around the brand, we would go through the following steps:


Identify relevant and interesting topics of communication


Creating a unique tone of voice and testing how it is perceived by the audience


Setting key metrics to track the success of content


Testing new formats and optimizing their use until their optimal efficiency is reached


Apply proven approaches in creating content for the platform to achieve good initial results