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Twitter (X) is a social platform where your brand can engage in a discussion on the latest topics of the day. In this network, brands rely on 280 characters to convey their message in the clearest and most witty way possible. Not sure how to achieve it? We will help you.

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Strategy, campaigns and content on Twitter (X)

The uniqueness of Twitter (X) as a social network is the ability to communicate with the audience through short, witty messages on interesting and currently popular topics. With the help of social networking tools, brands and consumers can reach out to each other and engage in meaningful conversations. If there’s one thing we can lose track of time discussing the most popular topics and controversial opinions, it’s Twitter (X) – aren’t we right?

Twitter (X) Advertising Management

Twitter (X) is a real-time news platform where people post tweets, engage in conversations and comment on the most popular topics of the day. On a daily basis, 500 million tweets are posted worldwide. By 2021, the social network has about 350 million active users per month, most of whom are men – about 64%, and 80% of all users are millennials.

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