Corporate trainings

We have vast experience in conducting corporate training – we prepare both sales and marketing teams of current customers to scale their digital marketing faster, and companies that provide us with specialized training. In the last year, among the most popular trainings and modules are “Planning, implementation, analysis of digital campaigns” and “Employer Branding”.

We are often lecturers in Masterclass formats, among which are the master classes in digital marketing of IAB Bulgaria – Digital Marketing Masterclass, Instagram Marketing Advanced Masterclass and Influencer Marketing Advanced Masterclass. We also run a specially created Employer Branding Masterclass together with To The Top Agency.

We recommend this article on the benefits of joint training of marketing and sales teams in one company. You will discover the advantages of individual digital marketing teams with 100% focus on the specific company. Thus, training is important for everyone and by doing this they will already have an understanding of what can be achieved with digital marketing and how to do it.

In these joint trainings we go through a starting situation, user behavior, digital channels, tools, user paths, KPIs, next steps. Our blog article ends with checklists on whether and how such training can be useful in a company.