Sharing good practices is part of our HUMAN DIGITAL philosophy. In this regard, we conduct many corporate trainings and we have created many courses in digital marketing. And sometimes we conduct individual trainings or tests in order to validate the knowledge of digital marketing specialists.

Our most successful clients are those with business and marketing professionals who understand what to expect from digital marketing. Thus, together with the other teams, they scale the digital marketing of their company in order to achieve significant business and marketing goals.

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Corporate trainings

We have conducted many corporate trainings in digital marketing – the teams of pharmaceutical, telecom, IT and technology, manufacturing, fast-moving companies. The emphasis is always on applicable good practices, each time we customize the training.

Digital marketing courses

Sometimes knowledge, if sufficiently general and universally valid, can be passed on in the form of a training course on elements of digital marketing. At Xplora Academy we have many courses – online, hybrid and face-to-face, in key areas of digital marketing.
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Individual trainings

We are sometimes approached for individual training or certification in a field – Xplora is focused on digital marketing for medium and large companies. Therefore, if you have such an interest, please check out the options through Xplora Academy and we will be happy to help develop your marketing career.