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Retail can hardly exist without focused digital marketing. Why? Because consumers constantly have needs that they instinctively already meet in a digital environment.

Among the key concepts in digital marketing are the micro-moments - when we reflexively use a digital device to meet our specific needs. The micro-moments are grouped in clusters of many specific questions that users ask. Such as "I want to know", "I want to do", "I want to go", "I want to buy". The last two are particularly relevant in retail.

But if we talk about retail, for example, there are other specific clusters - "Do I get the best price", "Where can I see and try it", etc. Focused integrated digital marketing allows us to plan, implement and upgrade each phase of the consumer path. And according to whether it is for retail of fast moving consumer goods, medicines (OTC), relatively more expensive products, for entirely online trade and other optimal consumer paths are different - ask us. 🙂

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How do we help retail businesses with child marketing?

Among the biggest challenges that our clients have shared and that we have identified and confirmed are:

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Defining and especially validating the target users at 100%;

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Detailed management of the two most valuable audiences – loyal users and those who have shown great relevant interest that we can satisfy;

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Availability and development of user paths for different user segments;

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Scale successful channels and formats and constantly add new ones.

The most sought after services for digital marketing of retail companies based on our experience are:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Research and analysis of competitors
  • Creation and development of company profiles in social networks
  • Training of marketing and sales teams
  • Planning and implementing campaigns
  • Planning and implementation of NCP (National Consumer Promotion)
  • Creating promo landing pages
  • Advertising management
  • Geolocated campaigns and validation of potential audience size
  • Monitoring of competitors
  • Email marketing
  • Creating content in different phases – awareness, appeal, ask, act, advocate

You can see what services we offer that are relevant to the retail industry as a type of service – strategy, planning, performance marketing advertising, social media page management, email marketing, design of visual and digital assets.

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What experience do we have in digital retail marketing?

Our team has extensive experience in working with retail and related businesses. Here you can see our experience with fast moving consumer goods, as well as some of our relevant experience in digital retail marketing.

Among the companies we have worked with and / or work with are Aladin Foods, Sladkarnitsi Nedelya, METRO,, Primex, ZooMall. And among those with whom we work or have worked and who are related to the retail or similar business model, are Easy Credit, UBB, DZI, Fintrade, Lorelli, Hype Software. On the first page of our site you can find references from managers, marketing directors and managers from Tesy, Tombou, Confectioneries Sunday, Medix, Prestige 96, Walmark and others.
Xplora is a longtime partner for the content of the Ecommerce and Retail Summit (before Retail in Detail) event of Economedia (publisher of Capital and Dnevnik), and Joro Malchev, CEO of Xplora, is the host and moderator of the conference.



You can see the detailed interviews with some of our clients who are in the retail industry or are related to it:


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