Phase 0 - settings, tests and validation

We often have to go through Phase 0 with customers if their digital marketing is not structured and ready for scaling. What does it mean not to be ready? This means that there is a need for properly installed analytical tools, as well as additional tools for validating user paths. It also signifies that it requires microtests for specific applicable channels for your company’s digital marketing.

When is Phase 0 needed in digital marketing?

Our experience shows that it is good (and we insist) to go through Phase 0 of settings, tests and validation, if key analytical tools are missing.

Here’s an example to guide you quickly – if you follow data from Google Analytics, but many people from the office enter the company’s website and still not exclude the IP addresses of the office, phones and home Internet of key marketing professionals, probably Phase 0 will be useful to you.

Another example – if your company has done email marketing but has already stopped or validated the behavior of email newsletter recipients regarding the company’s marketing goals – you probably also need Phase 0.

What is the end result of this Phase 0?

In order to scale our customers’ digital marketing, we need to have the right measurement tools, for they show the right data.

This is comparable to driving a car and what its dashboard shows you. You can navigate the noise of the engine. You can check the oil level periodically with a metal rod. You can see the pressure in the tires at gas stations. Different goals, cars, different drivers, driving speeds also imply different data needs and different ways of using data.

Phase 0 in digital marketing also allows us to do low-budget budgets for specific channels and ads so we can start scaling your company’s digital marketing.

In short – Phase 0 is the basis through which both you and we have the necessary information.