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If you are a business owner and have a physical location, you are probably looking for a way to attract more users to it. You are also likely to think that digital advertising is only applicable to customers with online stores. In fact, this is a common misconception. Businesses with a physical location can also take advantage of digital advertising functionality to reach more visitors. Google Local Campaigns offers a great way to generate visits to shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and the like.



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Is there a connection between offline shopping and online research of a product?

Although much of today’s shopping is done online, 90% of shopping revenue is still generated by sales in physical locations . However, the advent of internet technology in our daily lives is changing the way we shop. Before buying a product, for example, today’s consumers rely on digital technology – they study it online, read articles and reviews, watch videos. According to the latest data, 91% of consumers conduct an online survey before purchase.

Nevertheless, consumers often prefer to see and try the product on the spot before buying it. In these cases, they see the product online, but buy it at a physical site.
In the last few years, demand like “Near me” has increased by 500%..
All of the above consumer actions show that the user path of almost every purchase made on site has started online. That is why it is extremely important for businesses that manage physical locations to have a presence in the digital sphere.

What are Google Local Campaigns?

Google Local Campaigns are advertising campaigns that aim to distribute business advertising across all advertising channels in the Google ecosystem – Search, Maps, YouTube and Display Network. This ensures that a wide audience of users who need and research a product or service is reached. This type of campaigns are designed specifically for businesses operating with locations (shops, restaurants). The aim of the campaigns is to bring users to the site where they can make an offline purchase. Campaigns target users who are within a certain radius around the advertised site. This way, your message reaches them, and Google’s algorithms automatically choose where on the web ads appear and in what form.

Where are they visualized?

Google Search

Google Search

When users enter keywords relevant to your business and location in Google’s search engine.

Google Maps

Google Maps

When Maps users search for products or services similar to yours, or simply explore the area in which they are located.

Google my business

Google My Business Profile

Google uses the location of your business to show ads to nearby users.

Youtube ads


TrueView Ads on YouTube when users are most likely to click on the ad. To do this, one of the necessary elements when setting up a campaign should be а video.

Google display

Google Display

In millions of sites and applications users use, ads appear when they are close to your location and they would visit it

What businesses are Google Local Campaigns suitable for?

This type of campaign offers a solution for shops, restaurants, banks, small and medium businesses. By taking advantage of online advertising, companies can increase visits to their sites and reach consumers who research goods and services near their location. If you offer wheel repair and have a service, you can target users through Google Local Campaigns who are researching “wheel change” or “wheel repair” and are close to your service location. These users will be advertised on the channels in which they are active, so they will know about your services. As part of the functionality of this type of campaign, your ads will not be shown to users who are not nearby and your services are not relevant to them.

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How does Google Local Campaigns work?

Google Local Campaigns is set up through a Google Ads account and uses data from users who interacted with a business ad and then used Google Maps to reach its physical site. Google uses user history data to search the user’s phone, its location, and algorithms that anonymously analyze user activity signals online and offline. This measures how many visits are made as a result of Google Local Campaigns after users have seen ads on their devices.

When optimizing and analyzing your campaign, the key metrics are conversions related to clicks on the phone number, as well as those for navigating to the location and site.

What does it take to advertise your site through Local Campaigns?

To create a local campaign, we need to define the location of the store – this is most convenient by linking My Business account to a Google.

We add ad text, visions and videos, which the system combines in the most appropriate ways, depending on the channel in which the ads will appear within a radius of at least 5 km around the site.