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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that lets you control how your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps. It allows you to add information, photos, videos and products, as well as create posts, publish news and communicate with Internet users.

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What experience do we have with the management of GMB profiles?

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to manage Google My Business accounts for over 70 locations of our customers from different sectors – hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, e-commerce stores with physical sites and much more. We have experience with clients from Bulgaria as well as from abroad.

Why GMB profile?

What are the advantages of having a full and maintained GMB profile:
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More visibility in Search results

GMB information is displayed to the right of Search results on desktop devices and is among the first ones on mobile devices. This allows it to be significantly more visible and different from other results – paid or organic. In this way, the GMB profile makes your business much more visible and provides you with valuable “space” among the Search results.


Attractive view

With GMB you have the opportunity to present your business in an attractive way even to users who do not visit your site. You can add photos and videos, provide feedback from your customers, include detailed information about your business, products and services, help users reach your location by sharing directions on how to find it.

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Information control

By maintaining your GMB account, you have more control over the information that users see in Search results when searching for your business – what your business hours are, whether your business is currently open, what’s new around you.

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Communication with consumers

Through your GMB account you can communicate with online users in a number of different ways:


  • questions and answers – users have the opportunity to ask their questions, and you, in turn, to answer them;
  • reviews / feedback – users can share their impressions of your business, and you – to respond to their feedback;
  • messages;
  • publishing posts, events, offers.
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Creating a website

With GMB you can create a free website for your business in minutes. It is created automatically, based on information from your business account, and is updated when you change this profile.


GMB gives you access to valuable information about how users search for your business (directly by your name or address, by brand related to your business, through the category, product or service discovery option), where they see your profile (in Search results or in Google Maps), what action they take next – call your business, visit the site or ask for directions on how to reach your physical location.

What services does GMB account management include?

  • Creating and verifying a GMB profile
  • Initial setting – filling in basic account information
  • Account maintenance – periodically enriching the content of your account by:
    • uploading photos and video content
    • adding information about the offered products
    • creating and publishing posts, news, events, offers
    • managing the questions and answers section
    • managing and responding to user feedback
    • reports

The main types of publications in Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to publish different types of posts, which are displayed along with basic account information.

They resemble mini-ads or posts on social networks, and in general we can divide them into the following categories:

Update (news)

GMB post through which you can:
– share news about your business;
– promote articles from your blog;
– announce current promotions and games;
– present new products;
– tell about past or upcoming exhibitions.


GMB post, through which you have the opportunity to:
– announce the official presentation of a new product;
– share your participation in exhibitions;
– announcements for public appearances;
– inform about open events organized by the brand.


GMB post, through which you can announce current promotions and related conditions.


opportunity to present the offered products through:

– photo;
– Product’s name;
– category;
– price;
– Description of the product.


– a special category of publications related to the coronavirus pandemic, namely:

– changes in the way the business works – switching to offering your products only through deliveries; 

– information on how to manage the location in relation to safety and hygiene.

More information about this type of post can be found in our article ” Caring for your Google My Business account in COVID-19

Google My Business is an extremely valuable and still underrated free feature that makes you stand out from the competition in Google Search and Google Maps. Take advantage of it to present your business and the most up-to-date information about it in an attractive way, as well as to make it easier for users to find you when searching.