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YouTube is visited by 2 billion people worldwide each month, including only registered users (digital source: Google Skillshop). Users use the platform to access rich and diverse video content, and can use it through their favorite devices - mobile phones, laptops and computers, tablets, and increasingly through their TVs.

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youtube as an advertising platform

Different types of video campaigns help reach and engage the desired audience of users on YouTube and the Google Affiliate Network (websites and applications that display video ads outside of YouTube). When creating YouTube advertising campaigns, we have the opportunity to optimize them for different actions (views, traffic to the site, reaching a large number of users, etc.) and to choose from among the relevant formats.


Over the years, Xplora has managed over 550 video campaigns using various video formats.

Why choose YouTube as an advertising platform?

  • The ever-growing popularity of video content
  • Ability to reach multiple users in an attractive way
  • Extremely low prices for watching advertising videos, making YouTube a budget alternative to TV advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Many targeting options
  • Various creative opportunities
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Types of YouTube advertising

There are different video ad formats on YouTube that can be used depending on the purpose of the ad campaign:

Skippable in-stream ads

A format that allows us to promote video content that appears before, during, and after other videos on YouTube, as well as other websites and applications that are part of the Google Partner Network. After the fifth second, the user has the opportunity to skip the ad.

This format is relevant for usage when the goals of the campaign are: ncreasing traffic to the site, growing brand awareness, rising sales or other valuable actions for us by the user.

Non-skippable in-stream ads

In this format, ads are shown again before, during, or after users watch YouTube videos, but unlike skippable ads, users can’t disregard the promoted video. Ads of this type can be up to 15 seconds long and are used when the advertiser wants users to watch the entire video. This format is suitable when the goal of the campaign is to increase brand awareness and convey the whole message.

This format is suitable when the goal of the campaign is to increase brand awareness and convey the whole message.


Video discovery ads

Here, sponsored video content appears among YouTube search results, related videos, and the mobile platform homepage. Video discovery ads include an image from the video with text attached to it. After clicking on the ad, the video plays. Unlike other YouTube formats presented, the video does not start until the user chooses to run it.

This makes the format less invasive to the user experience and preferred by advertisers who do not want to interrupt it with unsolicited video advertising.

It should be used when the purpose of the campaign is to encourage the user to view the product and consider a possible purchase.

Bumper ads

This format is a 6-second video that starts before, during, or after another video, with no user skipping option. It appears on YouTube, as well as other sites and applications that are part of Google’s partner network.

This type of advertising is suitable for use when the goal of the campaign is to increase brand awareness and we want to reach consumers with a short and memorable message, remind them of the brand, arise their interest and develop communication with them through additional advertising formats. The difference with Non-skippable in-stream ads is in the length – Bumper advertising lasts 6 seconds, while Non-skippable in-stream ad can last up to 15 seconds.

Ad Sequence

This format is a series of videos (minimum 2) arranged by the advertiser. A series of Non-skippable in-stream ads, Skippable in-stream ads, Bumper ads or a mix of them can be used. In this way, it is possible to tell a story about a product or brand in order to spike consumer interest, reinforce a message or create a unifying theme.

Video ads and your business

Video ads are the perfect combination of visual elements and storytelling, which easily attracts attention – it is suitable for presenting a specific brand or characteristics of individual products, as well as to stimulate sales.