Management and moderation of Facebook pages

A brand's business page is a key point of contact between it and its potential target. It is the place from which the audience often draws new information, seeks answers to their questions or shares opinions. That's why the Facebook and Instagram platforms have created intuitive account management features that allow full control over the asset, with the ability to customize the user experience.

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What experience do we have in page management and moderation on Facebook and Instagram?

Page management is an integral part of the service we provide to over 90% of our customers, for whose content we are responsible. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with brands in the field of FMCG, Retail, Finance and B2B sectors, which involve the use of various functionalities determined by the specifics of the business. We have often created new organizational processes that include:


  • making changes to the basic information on the page;
  • contact with the Facebook support team;
  • structured reception and transmission of signals from users to the client;
  • audience training;
  • building closer relationships with fans of the brand.

Why manage pages and moderation on Facebook and Instagram?

Our strategy for managing social media profiles is based on creating a unified vision for the brand’s audience. We impose it through clear indicators of who is transmitting the communication message and following the tone of communication set by the publications when moderating comments and personal messages. It is common practice to underestimate the spelling of the brand name, to omit its username, to put an incomplete description of the company or to show a different attitude from what is already imposed in regular posts. Such inconsistency is a prerequisite for more difficulties in building trust in the audience.

What goals can you achieve through management and moderation on Facebook and Instagram?

Managing and moderating Facebook and Instagram pages helps us break the invisible barrier between brand and consumer and create an environment where the audience feels free to ask questions and share opinions. For its part, the company gets the opportunity to be the first to know about the feedback of its target and to take a stand on signals that require a timely response.

What steps do we go through when managing and moderating Facebook and Instagram pages?


View page status


Revision of the content in the information fields and supplementing texts if necessary


Determining the tone of communication and the type of moderation that will be applied


Reporting within the day of comments or messages received that require additional information or response


Designation of a responsible person by the client for consultation in emergency situations


Formulation of template answers that relate to frequently asked questions