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Creating strategies on social networks is determined by many variables, but the most important is the target audience that we can reach through a channel. In recent years, a clear distinction between users who frequently use Facebook and those who prefer Instagram has been made. If we take a closer look at the second mentioned network, we can say the following:

  • Instagram users are younger
  • prefer to consume content in the form of photos and videos
  • avoid long and explanatory texts
  • they like the dynamics and the ever-changing environment of the platform
  • they like to test new formats and options and be the first to do so
  • have their own point of view and use the types of content that are familiar to
  • people like them to present their opinion and win social currency
  • every second action taken by the user is a signal of stronger interest

These behaviors are reflected in the choice of formats, messages, visualizations, the strategic approach and the planning of campaigns for brands on Instagram.

цели можете да постигате във Facebook кампании

What experience do we have in creating strategies and campaigns on Instagram?

Instagram profiles have become an integral part of the communication plan of brands in the digital ecosystem. Thanks to them, they have the opportunity to reach their 100% target audience, to prepare future generations who would soon have the purchasing power and attitude to consume a particular product or choose a particular service, as well as expand their audience by adding new potential users who have not yet realized the need for the proposed solution.

We have had the opportunity to achieve these and other marketing goals for a number of brands from many different sectors – home and household products, food, cosmetics, appliances, children’s goods, businesses, organizing events, fast food restaurants, beverages, brands in the financial and in the automotive sector. Our experience includes both creating a comprehensive strategy and its implementation, as well as preparing an analysis and strategic framework with guidelines on how the client can implement the plan.

To learn more about our approaches to planning strategies and campaigns in the Facebook ecosystem, we recommend that you check out this page. There you will find useful information about creating campaigns on Facebook, but the schedule is also applicable to sponsoring content from Instagram. Structuring our campaigns through Facebook Ads allows us to choose from a list of placements (places to show our ad). From this list we can choose Instagram Feed, Instagram Story, Instagram Explore, Shop, IGTV, and recently Instagram Reels.

specific examples

  • Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume

    We have all come across the clichés used in advertisements for detergents:

    • Housewives who love to wash dishes;
    • Children who are constantly dirty;
    • Softeners that they bring to a parallel reality;

    The Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume campaign was aimed at escaping them. In the lines below you can find out what approach we decided to bet on, how we implemented it and what it led to.

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  • 2 ArianaRadler Case Study Carousel
    @ ariana.radler - 0.0% alcohol and 100% freshness

    We had to make Ariana's Instagram profile the main communication platform for Ariana Radler 0.0%, as well as focus the audience's attention on natural ingredients, new flavors, freshness and the perfect combination of soft beer and fruit juice.

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  • Lorelli Case Study carousel
    To stand out in the market for baby and children's goods is not child's play

    To stand out in the market for baby and children's goods is not child's play. But working on our first joint campaign with Lorelli was a pleasure, rewarded with success. Together we managed to overcome the challenges and meet the needs of parents in their quest to care for their children, presenting them the new collection of strollers Lorelli.

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