Strategy, campaigns and content in TikTok

TikTok is a social platform that focuses on the ability of the user to express themselves in the most unique way possible in order to gain status among those around as “cool” and “original”. So far, everything is known, given the fact that this is the way Facebook, Instagram, etc. work, but TikTok incorporates another factor that distinguishes it from others. Namely, the transformation of the status into something much more definite – a recognition of talent.

This is the ladder that brands must climb in order to gain the attention of Generation Z and keep it in at least one video. Therefore, companies that decide to start positioning in this channel need to have a well-thought-out strategy for creating content and running campaigns.

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Which brands is the presence in TikTok appropriate for?

TikTok 1
differentiate themselves from the conventional content they create for profiles on other platforms and rely on a more creative message
TikTok 2
are ready to test different approaches and options until they come to the right content formula
TikTok 3
can spend a lot of time getting to know the audience, its specifics and preferences
TikTok 4
create unique for the platform motivators for communication with the brand
TikTok 5
align their goals with those that can be achieved in TikTok (where awareness and engagement have a very high focus)

What services does the creation of strategies, campaigns and contentn in TikTok include?

  • Trend research
  • Content strategy
  • Posting plan
  • Planning individual campaigns and integrating them into the overall strategy
  • Report and reports
  • Tracking competing brands
  • Optimization of the planned content and activities every month, quarter and year

What are the steps involved in creating strategies, campaigns and content in TikTok?

When planning the brand’s activities in TikTok, the greatest focus should be on these steps, which will help to create the greatest clarity in the strategy. If the brand has a lot of assumptions about the behavior and reaction of the audience to its presence on the social network, it is good to spend a lot of time getting to know it. Collaboration with one of the TikTok creators to present the product or service in an interesting way can also be tested and the results tracked.

In a case where the audience and its reaction can be easily predicted, the brand can plan more time and effort in the content it will create. Discussing every detail – from the type of publication, through the topic, to the style of the videos – would give a clear idea of the expected results and create the conditions for their proper tracking, reporting and optimization.