Advertising on Twitter (X)

Twitter (X) is a real-time news platform where people post tweets, engage in conversations and comment on the most popular topics of the day. On a daily basis, 500 million tweets are posted worldwide. By 2022, the social network has about 465 million active users per month, most of whom are men - about 71%, and 80% of all users are millennials. The number of profiles of people over the age of 13 in Bulgaria is about 200 thousand. And the countries with the most active Twitter (X) users are the USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This makes the platform extremely suitable for businesses operating in the international market.

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What experience do we have in Twitter (X) advertising?

We have managed advertising campaigns for B2B companies in European countries, including Bulgaria. The most common goal of campaigns is to generate traffic and leads. We also have experience with B2C sales campaigns in the United States.

For B2B companies, which require a longer period of decision-making by their potential users, we rely on a variety of campaigns that will arise interest – promoting content with valuable information (blog articles), campaigns to download the eBook , recording for events, etc. Then we use this audience, remarketing it and consistently irradiating it with content, because the period from turning a lead into a real customer often lasts for months.

At B2C companies, we rely on sales campaigns that target our audiences with extreme precision, thanks to Twitter (X)’s diverse targeting tools.

Why Twitter (X) Advertising?

One of the most valuable benefits of Twitter (X) is the audience. Its users stand out as opinion leaders, love to share, are curious and want to learn the latest news. According to a study conducted in the United States, people who use Twitter (X) are more educated, younger and have higher incomes than the rest of the US population.

The opportunities for targeting advertising on Twitter (X), which distinguish the platform from other social networks, are:


  • Keyword targeting – people who have interacted with a specific word contained in a tweet.
  • Event interest targeting – can be selected from a list of major and current events worldwide.
  • Conversation targeting – an audience that participates in Twitter (X) conversations on specific topics. The list of topics to choose from numbers over 10,000.
  • Follower look-alikes – an audience with behavior similar to that of followers on specific Twitter (X) accounts (such as competitors).

In recent years, the following trends and directions of development of Twitter (X) have been observed:

  • The platform is expanding its portfolio of advertising formats by adding new ones (such as a carousel similar to Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Launch of Twitter (X) Spaces by analogy with ClubHouse.
  • Update on Twitter (X) Analytics, which shows detailed information about profile-level performance and published tweets and videos, giving companies value and a base for analysis.
  • Periodic improvement of the Twitter (X) Ads Manager interface.

What services does Twitter (X) advertising include?

The management of Twitter (X) advertising includes several stages, which we consider as separate services:

Advertising strategy

Defining campaign goals, appropriate types of advertising and formats for their implementation.

Media plan and budgeting

Planning the different types of advertising, their distribution during the campaign period and estimating the expected results.

Ad Management Service

Creating an advertising account, Twitter (X) website tag, different types of audiences according to the goals of the campaigns and other services related to their implementation.

Reports and Statements

Interim reports and final report summarizing the overall performance of the campaign. Detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations.

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What are the steps involved in advertising on Twitter (X) ?


Choosing the appropriate type of advertising formats according to the campaign strategy


Budget allocation between different types of formats


Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


Monitoring and analyzing user behavior and optimizing campaigns


Building advertising messages and creatives / visions for each stage of the user path.


Creating appropriate target audiences

The main types of advertising on Twitter (X)

Image Ads

Basic advertising format for promoting a brand, product or service with a single image. It can be used both to generate traffic to a website or application, and to reach a large audience and engage (likes, replies, retweets, etc.).

Video Ads

Appropriate format for grabbing the audience's attention by telling a story or showing the benefits of the product or service. It can be used for various advertising purposes such as watching videos, generating traffic to a website or application, and engaging.

Carousel Ads

Ad format consisting of 2 to 6 horizontally sliding images or videos. In this way, different products or services can be presented with one advertisement. Extremely suitable format for generating traffic to a website or application.

Moment Ads

A collection of different tweets selected on a specific topic. Can be used for brand storytelling, coverage of events and news related to the company or industry.

Text Ads

Promote standard text tweets without the need to use an image.

Follower Ads

The format promotes the Twitter (X) account in order to generate new followers.

Amplify Pre-roll

Premium video format that is positioned before the launch of another video that the user has chosen to watch. You can select the brand-safe category of the video in which the ad will be positioned. The categories include more than 200 premium video publishers, including popular TV shows, major sports leagues and news channels.

Timeline Takeover

"The first ad of the day." This premium format allows your ad to be positioned at the top, that is, to be the first thing a user sees when logging in to Twitter (X) for the first time in the day. Extremely suitable for a massive brand awareness campaign.

Trend Takeover and Trend Takeover+

A format that positions the ad in parallel with the top trends of the day. Only one customer per day can be positioned in the top trends for the day in a particular country, which makes the format extremely premium.

Twitter (X) Live

Enables the brand to enter into a dialogue with the audience in real time. Suitable format for live presentation of major events - from conferences and new product launches to parties and fashion shows.