What steps does the Employer Branding service involve?

The Employer Branding service includes the gradual achievement of increasingly important goals in the field of attracting and retaining employees of the company by positioning it as a preferred employer.

This positioning requires


Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the company, including those that have or may have social proof


Analyzing the real behavior of consumers in relation to HR and Recruitment in the company segment and the interaction of these consumers with the digital assets of the company


Defining the optimal interactions, incl. an “early high value indicator” of each of the consumer segments


Create relevant assets and content


Detailed planning of each asset and content


Detailed planning of the individual phases - so we consider that in a few months we enter a new phase. The new phase has larger goals, as it is based on much more data, new assets and real valuable behavior of target users


Testing and validating user behavior


Analysis and scaling

You can see the connection and similarities of the described process with the overall process of integrated digital marketing of the agency. This is because we follow good practices in digital marketing services.

And here you can see the structure of the Masterclass for building an employer brand, which we created and ran together with To The Top .