Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is the 4th most popular and used social network in the world with over 2 billion active users per month.

In digital circles, Instagram is known as the platform of influencers. The numbers speak for themselves - according to a study by omnicore, over 500,000 are active Instagram profiles on Instagram worldwide, and 55.4% of them use the store for sponsored content.

In Bulgaria, with Instagram targeted advertising, you can reach approximately 2 million user profiles of people aged between 18 and 65+. That's why Instagram advertising is one of the recommended channels in your digital strategy, especially when your target is in the golden circle of active users - these are those between the ages of 17 and 34.

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What experience do we have in INSTAGRAM advertising?

For over 25 clients, we have built successful Instagram strategies as part of their overall marketing mix.

Depending on the main focus of the business, we adjust our advertising campaigns to justify these goals. We have businesses where the main focus is the positioning of a new product and there Instagram is extremely useful to us – especially with the popular Story audience. For our other B2C clients the main goal is the sale of clothes and accessories, for which we often use the so-called collection advertising and product catalog promotion. By positioning these formats on Instagram and properly targeting and optimizing, we achieve our goals.


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    If you follow the profiles of Batiste Bulgaria, you have surely noticed a mysterious lady who sweetly talks about her daily life and how many times she has been "saved" from dry shampoo. Yes, that's me - Eva. I love to share my beautiful days with you - and not that I lead a fabulous lifestyle, I just know how to see beauty in the smallest things.

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Why advertise on INSTAGRAM?

Advertising on Instagram allows brands to reach a wider audience, which due to the specifics of the platform is much more likely to engage with the content seen. Apart from being purely for Awareness, the platform is becoming an increasingly suitable place to increase sales, thanks to its rich set of formats and good functionality.

The main advantages of Instagram advertising are:

IG 1
Building a loyal audience through engagement – comments, shares, likes. This creates a stronger connection between consumers and the brand, and the more connected they are to you, the more likely they are to choose your product or service.
IG 2
Instagram advertising formats are merging with other organic content, which is a plus as users become more and more sensitive to ads.
IG 3
Your competitors are active in the platform – by delaying your online presence, you allow your competitors to be more active there and grow their audience and business.


  • The social network is becoming a place for searching and shopping for products. Proof of this is the new Shopping Channel in Instagram Explore, as well as the possible integration of a product catalog with your account.
  • Instagram Live – one of the best opportunities to communicate directly with your followers clearly and authentically. Live videos can be accompanied by a Shopping tag that allows online shopping during a live broadcast.
  • Trends affecting the content of the platform are associated with the increasing use of text images, carousels and long descriptions of visions that resemble “small blogging”.
  • Fully customized content through the new Reels trend – interactive shoppable formats visible in the Explore section, allowing them to be viewed and discovered by a wider audience.


Managing Instagram advertising involves several stages, which we consider as separate services:

Advertising strategy

Defining campaign goals, appropriate types of advertising and formats for their implementation.

Media plan and budgeting

Planning the different types of advertising, their distribution during the campaign period and estimating the expected results.

Ad Management Service

Advertising management service – creating a business account, advertising account, Facebook pixel, setting up a dynamic remarketing campaign, different types of audiences according to the goals of the campaigns and other services related to their implementation.

Reports and Statements

Interim reports and final report summarizing the overall performance of the campaign. Detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations.

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Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


Choosing the appropriate type of advertising formats according to the campaign strategy


Budget allocation between different types of formats


Monitoring and analyzing user behavior and optimizing campaigns


Build advertising messages and visions for each stage of the user path of users


Creating appropriate target audiences

The main types (formats) of advertising on Instagram

Story Ad

With this format you can increase the number of visitors to your site thanks to the direct link from the Story form with a link to the site. What is specific about this format is that it completely occupies the user's display and thus eliminates distracting elements from other ads and general content.

Image Ad

The goals you can achieve with this format are to increase the number of engaged users through a clean, clear and impactful vision.

Video Ad

Videos are the perfect way to tell more about a brand, product or service. With their movement and sound, they grab the attention of consumers. The length of the video and its display locations may vary depending on your goals.

Carousel Ad

With it you can show up to 10 different pictures or videos in one ad. Each picture or video can have a separate link, which allows you to show many different products, give more information about each of them or develop a story between the different visions.

Collection Ad

Encourages users to shop by showing them various products from the site through an Instagram product catalog. All for mobile devices.

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You can advertise on Instagram both through the app and through Facebook Ads. You will learn everything about the types of ads that you can realize through Facebook here .
You can run several types of ads through the app.

Reach New People

This will promote the content to users who do not follow you, and increase the unique users reached. If you choose this, Instagram automatically formats your post for both feed and story.

Your Direct Messages

This type of “goal” invites users to send you a message. Here the call to-action will be “Send Message”.

Your Website

This type of “goal” will send users to your website through the so-called In-app browser. You can choose from a list of different call-to-actions:

in app browser call to action options

Your Profile

If you want to have a call-to-action “Visit Instagram Instagram”, you need to select this option. People with potential interest will be able to visit your account directly.