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Schneider Electric
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Why did you decide to approach a digital marketing agency outside of your country?

I was working with a local agency, not satisfied and willing to change them. A colleague from Schneider Bulgaria recommended me to try her agency, Xplora, as they were very professional and already inside all Scheider systems. I gave it a try and it worked better than expected.

What are the challenges you found in the beginning of your onboarding process

As described above, Xplora was already onboarded in Schneider systems, the main challenge was the language limitation and to learn how to cooperate together. At the beginning also my POC changed a few times, till I started working with Kalina Vasileva, a perfect fit for me 🙂

What is your role in the project in order for the digital marketing agency to executive the service properly

Marketing Communication Manager.

What kind of services and campaigns do you brief the agency for?

Facebook Company page management, Google Ads, Google Display campaigns, Product Launch Campaigns (FB, LN, Google, YouTube).

How often do you communicate with the agency and though what kind of tools you find it most convenient

We have almost daily contact. Mostly by email and after working hours by WhatsApp. For the FB posting plan we communicate via Google Docs.

Do you see any pros and cons concerning the agency and client being in different time zones and the language barrier that are present

The language barrier is a little con but as all the Global messages are in English, we just need to translate/adapt them to the local market. Xplora sends us all the content to confirm before they go live, so everything can be revised. We even work in a different working week (from Sunday to Thursday), but we manage to cooperate without issues.
I think the 3 most important things an external agency must have are:

  1. Be very professional
  2. Charge a reasonable fee
  3. Provide a good and friendly service

Xplora has all the three, and this makes them a supplier I am very happy to work with and can highly recommend.