superHUMAN campaigns told by our clients

Danone inner

“Our partnership with Xplora is based on many long years and during this period, in fact, we mutually develope and became better. What I dare say is that what we do much more effectively today is to be much more targeted in the KPIs that we want to achieve from a campaign. We track them very carefully, consistently. As well as the outcome that happens at the end of the campaign since it experiences various improvements throughout the process is much better.”

This is what Tinka Tsoneva, Marketing Manager for Danone Bulgaria – a world leader in the production, development and distribution of dairy products told us. For the past four years we have been lucky to work on a total of 4 brands from their portfolio and we have barely put everything we want to tell you into 10 minutes. ???????? Watch till the end, the answer to the last question will surprise you.