superHUMAN campaigns told by our clients

Wienerberger inner

“What made a very strong impression on me in the first campaign is that we actually have a hell of a lot of people working for us who are very deep in their work. We have a dedicated person who just sits there and digs and optimizes all day, and just almost empathizes with the campaign on all levels literally for every single channel. Actually all that passion and dedication, that I’ve seen in everybody on the team, that deep expertise that I find at every level has impressed me the most and just confirmed to me that we were really the right choice because we’re very committed to our work ourselves as a company and we have that passion and somehow the chemistry worked.”

This is what Lyubina Lyubenova, who is Wienerberger’s Marketing Manager for the Southern Balkans region, told us. In 8 minutes she told us about the challenges they face, what are the WOW things she has seen in her work with us and why it is important to listen to the experts and be open to new ideas and approaches.