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“This change that we have made is actually already accumulating quite a lot of results. Good results. We have experienced exceptional growth in online readership of our website. For the last month I think it was 70 thousand unique visits, which for a site that was launched in March, you understand, is a very good result. Part of the reason for this is your suggestion, which we have accepted – to launch an online newsletter, a weekly bulletin, through which our readers can access the material of interest to them in our online edition. Thus to strengthen the online edition. This has happened at a faster pace than we imagined. We currently have nearly 6,000 users of our online newsletter and they are steadily increasing.”

Here is what Yordan Mateev, publisher of Forbes Bulgaria, told us. We have been working with the business media since March last year, when they decided it was time to strengthen the digital presence of Forbes Bulgaria and launched their online edition. Our partnership proves the importance of positioning a media outlet online and the challenges it has to go through during such a transition. What results we achieved, what are the tools that helped Forbes Bulgaria grow its online presence, and what was the WOW moment when they worked with us – you can learn here: