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Viessmann inner

“As a major challenge with us is we are a B2B company, meaning we don’t do sales to end customers, but to specialist companies in the industry who build the installations in people’s homes or in businesses, industries etc. and it was important for us to reach out to end customers as a direct communication. So this circle of trust we wanted to build and that’s why digital marketing with all its channels is one, first direct and working tool, besides the results are clear and measurable. What we have been able to do together with you and de facto the growth in this process and the growth of the clients that we consult directly has jumped multifold.”

This is what Milena Petrova, responsible for sales service and marketing at Viessmann Bulgaria, told us. In the video you can find out why it is important for a B2B company to communicate with its end users and what this approach brings them. 

And we talk about the results we have achieved together with Viessmann over the last 3 years in the detailed case studies:

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