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Aladin Foods
Aladin inner

“We have also validated an awful lot of assumptions that are related to the behaviour of our users, which up until now, through offline marketing, have been just that – assumptions. Thanks to the statistics, which are absolutely clear and visible, we were able to learn in detail what our users’ motivations are for being our customers, what they think our strengths and weaknesses are, and where we need to improve. I think that’s something that adds an awful lot of value to the whole collaboration and we can build a lot on that foundation.”

This is what Vasil Parvanov, marketing specialist at Aladin Foods, one of the most famous fast food companies, which has been on the market for over 20 years, told us. We started our work together at the beginning of 2018 and we can already boast of universal recognition for our work together. Read more about how we won silver in the Digital Sales Campaigns category of the IAB Mixx Awards 2020.

You can find out what else he had to say about working with us, and what his biggest surprise has been since the launch of our partnership, in our full interview with him: