superHUMAN campaigns told by our clients


“The huge challenge we face is the wide-ranging audience we have to irradiate, as the products have a fairly broad consumption target. That means finding and bringing together people with different interests, different age groups, showing things that are interesting to them so we can engage them and keep them constantly on the page so they become bigger and bigger fans of the brands. That’s one challenge. The other, if I can call it a challenge, is the ever-changing formats and demands that social networks impose, which we constantly have to adapt to. You keep us abreast of everything, but quite often we have to react on-going to a campaign so that we can keep it going and continue the way we want to.”

This is what Teodora Valchanova, Marketing Manager at Mexxon Ltd, a leading manufacturer of cleaning and laundry detergents in Bulgaria, told us. If we have to sum up what we have done in 5 years, we can certainly boast of shortening the distance between brands and consumers, creating a truly human communication on social networks.???? Hear how we achieved it in her full interview below.