Why a workshop in digital marketing? Because it’s one of the proven boosters to your marketing capabilities

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We have long preached that no agency can be successful without the team of the client wanting, understanding and being successful using the service of the agency. Well – time has come when digital marketing is so integral part of marketing and communications that it’s not OK to have agencies, no matter how professional, and just to delegate strategic and tactical activities to them. Otherwise it’s a piecemeal process, or silos are created – ATL, BTL, digital. We believe in human digital – speaking in a human language about the digital behavior of people, and reaching and engaging them in a human manner.

Today, and it’s to further be amplified –  digital is an integral part of the customer journey and includes numerous touch points with relevant marketing signals

  • who was reached
  • how was she reached
  • how she reacted
  • what was the level of engagement
  • was re-engagement successful
  • who converted best (and worst)
  • can we find more best converting people etc

We are glad that the ecosystem is changing – more and more companies are investing in the digital marketing. And this comes hand in hand with investing in the digital skills of their teams. It allows the companies to speed up things, but most important of all – to speed up their entire marketing cycle. Being part of companies marketing teams, and not solely from the agency side we have witnessed the crucial importance of the team understanding, willing to, and upgrading the marketing look from every single activity:

  • triggering behavior
  • moving from initial to active consideration
  • completing the sale
  • securing post-purchase experience and sharing
  • triggering the loyalty loop

In helping professionals achieve better business and marketing results – we are leading both standardized and custom built trainings. As you can guess – the workshop format is the most asked for, and the one we recommend most. We highly recommend it as:

  • we are preparing in advance with relevant approaches, company and competitive analysis. Why? Because people want to hear and learn more when it’s relevant to what they are working and what will make them successful in an organization
  • we are working at least one relevant stakeholder to plan the entire training
  • we are getting in huge detail when discussing target users, channels, behavior, data etc.
  • we are creating relevant hands-on assignments that we are working with the trainees so that they can master the knowledge. Why? Because you rarely start applying something that you are not confident will lead you to success, especially when working in a demanding environment

Here is a list of the trainings in the form of workshops that we led on the past few months:

  • Digital user journey for Nestle Bulgaria marketing team – we two sessions. The first one related to the digital behavior of consumers, and the user journey concept. The second one focused on . We received one of the most amazing feedbacks from trainings – it was too short, I would like more trainings like this one, we will use the approaches in our next activation
  • Social media – we trained the international team of Musala Soft on using social media for positioning to clients (current and prospective), to partners and to potential employees. The company has strong marketing and social media team and needed to be trained in relevant best practices. The training was in the form of consecutive workshops – each with a specific topic, and with hands on approach
  • Digital marketing advanced workshop – we trained the entire brand management team of Walmark Bulgaria. As you know – we are the digital agency of Walmark and within a couple of months we demonstrated the potential of digital marketing, and integrated approach. Now, after more than 10 campaigns, we delivered a workshop presenting the results, consolidating findings, and presenting the next level for the digital marketing as part of the marketing of the company
  • Use of social media for sales purposes to B2B companies – we trained the sales team of Konica Minolta Bulgaria  in a half-day workshop how to use social media in order to secure leads and move them along the sales funnel. Being the digital agency of Konica we suggested from the very beginning to plan workshops so that the company has integrated sales and marketing efforts.

Of course we are delivering classes and courses to larger audiences, without the customization approach. Georgi Malchev recently delivered the Digital Cosmos lecture at Softuni, within the Digital marketing course. And he will deliver a much more in-depth course this fall as part of the newly launched program fo Softuni. Lenko and Alex led the Web 2.0, analytics and performance marketing two half-days classes for the BEIED Modern Marketing Program. And Georgi, Ivan and Lenko are teaching classes in digital marketing and social media marketing in two universities.

We believe in HUMAN DIGITAL. We believe that an agency should speak in an understandable way for digital marketing, and relate concepts, approaches and cases studies to the exact needs of a company. Test us 😉