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B2B marketing (or business marketing) has a number of specifics that are clearly reflected in digital B2B marketing. Very often the ask phase, which is key in this type of marketing, takes place in a digital environment.

There are channels like LinkedIn that have many benefits in campaigns targeting business audiences - here you can see details about LinkedIn strategies and campaigns. The email channel is often the key channel when it comes to providing contact with identified users who can give a clear signal and move to MSL (Marketing Qualified Lead). The site of B2B companies is often a hub - a place where quality traffic is directed and there users give clear signals of "early high value indicator", i.e. for their potential to become business clients of the company.

However, many managers and executives in companies with business clients are surprised by the results they can achieve, using other social networks or their offline channels and events to launch a well-planned digital consumer path.

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How does digital marketing fit into B2B marketing?

It is crucial for digital B2B marketing to take into account specifics such as:


We are talking about business value, ie. consumers need to be convinced of the expected value and be able to convince other participants in the process in their organization.


There is an element of consult, ie. the interaction we created.


Building trust is key – very rarely is it a one-time, immediate transaction. The construction happens with each subsequent interaction and content that brings value – videos, client testimonials. The type and consistency of this content play a significant role.


Inquiries, the so-called Leads are among the main goals. But the quality of these queries is crucial, and this is achieved with the right content and length of the user path. Otherwise, the business is flooded with irrelevant inquiries.

Sometimes adding a UIC field to the Facebook application form is enough, and sometimes users have to go through a long path of content and advertising in relevant channels for the respective business user. Here you can see how we approach our customers in channels like LinkedIn (strategy, content, advertising), Twitter (campaigns and content, advertising) and Quora .


Ask phase for B2B marketing in a digital environment

Special attention should be paid to the ask phase in digital marketing to business customers – where users literally “ask” and seek answers to important questions before acting and submitting an inquiry or contacting the company. You can find more in our article about the 5A model – awareness, appeal, ask, act and advocate, as well as in the free module Basics of Marketing at Xplora Academy. In Philip Kotler’s book Marketing 4.0 for B2B companies, the emphasis is on the ask, act and advocate phases. Through digital marketing, in practice, an act can be broken down into filling out an application form, signing up for a webinar, requesting an offer, etc. And the loyalty phase has many potential manifestations – video interviews, joint webinars, recommendations on LinkedIn, etc.

What experience do you have with digital business to business campaigns?

With the right approach, marketing qualified leads are very close to sales qualified leads, but behind this is a very serious work of our team and the marketing and sales team of our customers – very contextual user behavior, many tests and validation, specially selected content and constant tracking the cost of a lead.

We have significant experience with B2B companies – from integrated digital campaigns, through lead generation campaigns, to the development of channels such as LinkedIn and company blog. Many of our clients who participate in or organize events also use our services for planning and organizing webinars, creating landing pages, follow-up email waves, etc.

The most sought after digital marketing services of IT and tech companies based on our experience are:


  • Digital marketing strategy for business clients
  • Research and analysis of competitors
  • Creation and development of company profiles in social networks
  • Training of the teams for B2B digital marketing, as well as for Employer Branding
  • Creating business sites and landing pages
  • Advertising management
  • Creation and development of B2B email marketing
  • Content creation – videos, blog posts, infographics, testimonials and more.
  • Research and analysis of an ongoing website
  • Planning and implementing campaigns
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